Pink Ribbon Rebels

Pink Ribbon Rebels at Drill Competition

This tale of riding for a cure all started a few years ago when six talented young ladies who all belonged to the Rodeo City Riders Saddle Club came together to form a youth equestrian drill team. This team came to be called 'The Pink Ribbon Rebels'.

They decided to ride not just for the fun and excitement, but to ride for the awareness and cure for cancer. They are honored to be representing the National Foundation of Cancer Research as well as the people who are fighting for their lives at this very moment!

The Pink Ribbon Rebels use their upbeat personalities and their passion for their horses to help them ride for the cure. They hope to perform at rodeos and drill team competitions in Wisconsin and the surrounding states.

The Pink Ribbon Rebels help to spread awareness of the need for a cure for cancer while on as well as off their horses. While on their horses, they dedicate all of their rides to the people suffering from breast cancer by painting names on their horses of survivors, or people who have passed away from Breast Cancer. They show their support while off their horses by donating to local families suffering from this disease.

The Rebels raised and donated $1,000 to a person who inspired the drill team, and who has been suffering from breast cancer. Recently they also donated to a family in Waupaca, Wisconsin. The mother of the family was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2015 and she lost her husband in September 2015, leaving her to care for their four children on her own. The cost of the funeral and the medical bills was too much for the family. The Pink Ribbon Rebels saw the family in need and began raising money. They raised and donated over $1,000 to the family.

This year the Pink Ribbon Rebels also made the decision to expand their team from six to eight riders. The new recruits went through a series of evaluations of their riding skills, teamwork and their passion to spread awareness for Breast Cancer Research.

If you would like to know more about the Pink Ribbon Rebels, visit them on Facebook at Pink Ribbon Rebels Equestrian Drill Team or call Mark Caswell at (920)-268-2919.